As a musician, composer or arranger, I worked with most Swedish artists:

Timbuktu, Looptroop Rockers, Rikard ‘Skizz’ Bizzi, Lilla Namo, Patrik Collén, Jens ‘Chords’ Resch, Ane Brun, Jenny Wilson, Shirin, Kristin Amparo, Mapei, Seynabo Sey, Erik Saade, Danny Saucedo, Lill-Babs, ADL, Ola Salo, Robert Jelinek, Joakim Thåström etc etc

International collabos: Rubén Juárez (Argentina), Flora Matos (Brazil), AIVA(Washington DC), Kanyi Mavi (South Africa), Rakiem Walker Project (NY, NY).

My main keyboard work is with Timbuktu & Damn!. We have toured Sweden, Norway, Africa, the USA and Svalbard.

Damn! has the job as The Roots in Sweden.
For instance the Polar Music Prize.

As TV studio orchestra.

Or at the Eurovison Song Contest.