Mattelandet på Kristallen

Livet i Mattelandet 2 just recieved the prize for Best Children Show at Kristallengalan.

Me, Jens and Petter Lindgård has been writing all the music and lyrics for a series of shows produced by Patrik STHLM broadcasted on UR and used widely in schools throughout Sweden. All the shows has a great cast with some of the coolest Swedish actors.

The first show, Livet i Bokstavslandet, got a nomination and this one managed to get the win!

The saga continues as we this spring delivered music for their next series Miniräknarna.

Big game day last Thursday when we joined three bands into one on the stage of Dalhalla. Oskar Linnros – Seinabo Sey – Timbuktu & Damn!

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Oskar Linnros headed the planning of this event. Oskar, me and Seinabo Sey‘s MD Emmanuel Hailemariam worked closely together to sync our music.

One of the most fun parts was writing a vocal arrangement for Seinabo’s song Easy. And performing with vocalists from all three bands. Singers: Seinabo Sey, Sarah Verdier, Kendra Egerbladh, Djara Sow, Daniela Sörensen, Christoffer Hiding, Svante Lodén, Måns Mernsten, Jens Lindgård and me.

Photos: Daniel Eriksson

Video:Erik Runeson


After two years work by producer Johanna Olofsson and Griot, my choir Klubbkören finally had the chance to make two performances together with legendary Mahotella Queens from Johannesburg, South Africa.

As a DJ I loved playing their old Jive records and I have done several mashups and mixes based on their sound, as this mash with Busta Rhymes.

In Malmö I was happy to introduce a young star, Feline Andersson, to our audience. Saxophonist Sofi Hellborg joined in and the Queens had a great little band comping. 1700 people were dancing in the amphitheatre of Pildammsparken.


Then it was off to Stockholm for a beautiful concert under the rough concrete bridge of Trädgården, arranged by Re:orient.

Film by: Eugene Akiwumi

Photos: Pelle Hybbinette