I write for Television, Theatre, Headphones and Dancefloor.

Main work is with rapper Jason ‘Timbuktu’ Diakité and the band Damn!

I have written hundreds of tracks for TV in Sweden and the USA.

I’m a composer, musician or producer for more than 250 songs released on Spotify

My two best known works for theatre are ‘En Droppe Midnatt’ and ‘Blod och Eld’.

I arrange for and conduct the Klubbkören choir in Malmö.

I produce hiphop beats and remixes as Voz Vibrante.

In the menu you’ll find examples from my different fields of work.


Rakiem bild
“You are my favorite over-seas piano player. And I know quite a few.” – Rakiem Walker, Bandleader the RWP Harlem, New York
Jason liten
“I’ve had the privilege of working with Erik for two decades on many scenes around the world and in many studios. He is a unique music creator with a deep-seated sense of rhythm, melody and swing. He is driven but also possesses a playful openness to music that makes creativity always flow in his vicinity.” – Jason Timbuktu Diakité, artist and author
ada liten
“Erik är svängig, känslig, passionerad och har en fingertoppskänsla för allt han gör. Det gör det väldigt roligt att jobba ihop.” – Ada Berger, Director, Sweden National Theatre Dramaten
Sara Huss liten
“Erik is delightful to work with as he, in addition to creating music that touches in depth, is genuinely interested in performing arts, scripts, presentations, stories, understanding the assignment and having a close and good dialogue” – Sara Huss Kleimar, Production Manager, Lifeline Entertainment

Erik Hjärpe – CV March 2022

Erik Hjarpe – Press

Erik Hjarpe – Awards

Erik Hjarpe – Display of Work

Erik Hjarpe – greeted by Quincy & Paul Simon

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 Feature photo by Ulf Berglund